Terms of Business


Eurisko Warranty and Delivery Clarifications


Price: Prices listed include all furniture. Shipping to customer location is quoted separately. All products will be packaged Standard Cardboard as specified, but no unloading, unpacking, and no installation of product are included in the price.

Payment Terms: Products are made to order, and payment for this Purchase Order must be paid 50% prior to beginning work, and 50% just prior to delivery of the furniture. Orders will only be sent to the salon when full Eurisko receives full payment.

Sales Order: Upon receipt of final customer purchase order and payment, Eurisko will send to you a detailed e-mail confirmation, listing the quantity and description of all products on the Purchase Order. This will become the sole and final description of the work to be completed, and any discrepancies between the Customer PO and the Invoice should be brought to the immediate attention of Eurisko. Any discrepancies must be presented for resolution within 7 days of receipt of Sales Order.

Custom Finishes: The product may include special laminates and finishes, and the lead-time is predicated on being able to receive these within one week of order. If the lead-time for these special laminates is longer than that, the schedule will be extended or an alternate laminate or finish may be selected to maintain schedule.

Cancellation and Changes: Once Sales Order has been sent and deposit has been made, orders are considered firm and cannot be cancelled. Any changes to the scope of work may also change the price and the delivery time.

Delivery Options: Price includes container freight delivery, and quoted shipping to end-user is priced on a case-by-case basis, as specified on the Purchase Order. Any special delivery services, such as lift gate, inside delivery, white glove delivery, may be available at additional cost. On an order with a large number of pieces, a specific quote should be arranged prior to delivery.

Curbside – This is a basic delivery. The driver will pull up to the curb and open the back of his truck. The item will be loaded out of the truck and onto the street. If there are several items on a pallet, the driver and customer will cut off the shrink-wrap and they can unload 1 piece at a time. Standard freight charges apply.

Lift-gate – This is just like a curbside delivery except it will be delivered on a lift-gate truck. The truck will have a lift- gate on the back that will lower the pallet to ground level and it will be left on the street or in the parking lot. Customer will be responsible for moving the item into the office, spa or salon. Average cost has been 50.00 added to the freight charge per item.

Lift-gate/Inside – The driver will have a lift-gate truck and will lower the pallet to the ground. He will then with assistance from the receiver, move the pallet inside the front door. Customer must provide one able-bodied person to assist on the delivery. Average cost for Inside delivery is an additional other 50.00 added to the delivery charge per item. Lift-gate/ Inside/ Extra Man – Same as above but the extra man will assist the driver getting inside the front door. Average cost for the extra man is 175.00 added to the freight charge per item.

White glove delivery – A White Glove delivery is delivered to a moving and storage company, unboxed and delivered in a moving van with blankets. The customer will not have to discard pallets or boxes. All this will be complete by the delivery people. They will also place in the rooms; however, no installation or assembly will be provided under this option. White Glove Service to be quoted based on the size and location of the delivery.

Damaged Merchandise and Freight Claims:

The customer must inspect all packaging and verify the quantity of products at time of receipt of goods. All products are thoroughly inspected prior to leaving the factory. The transportation company assumes all liability from acceptance of shipment from Eurisko through delivery to the customer. Eurisko is not liable for transportations damages once it leaves Eurisko. If there is damage or shortage, customer must note this on the freight bill at the time of delivery. If there is any doubt on the customer’s part about possible damage, customer can sign “Received without inspection of concealed damage. If concealed damage is discovered, the customer must notify the carrier immediately upon finding the hidden damage, request an inspection by the shipping company, and file a claim with the shipping company for damage. Neither Eurisko nor the shipping company will accept responsibility for damage reported after product is installed.

Visible Damage to packaging:

• Note any visible damage to packing materials on the delivery receipt and have the driver sign acknowledgment of it.

• You must note at the time of delivery any claim that not all if the required products are included in the delivery.

• Request that the carrier immediately inspect the damage

• Retain all damaged cartons or other packing material for carrier inspection.

• File a claim after carrier inspection. If no inspection is made, you must file a written claim within 5 calendar days.

Concealed Damage:

• Open all cartons as quickly as possible after delivery.

• If there is any concealed damage not noted at the time of delivery, follow the steps outlined above to request inspection and file claim.

Loss of Product:

• Any claim for loss of product must be made at the time of initial delivery

• File a claim for this within 3 calendar days.


• Eurisko do not manufacture any lighting, ballasts, fixtures or connectors. These items are purchased from a third-party manufacturer. As lighting can be fragile, there is no Warranty on any lighting or lighting component. If the lighting is delivered ineffective, Eurisko at its own option may offer to replace the defective light or fixture or connector with lighting from the original third-party factory. This excludes any install breakages.

Repair of Damaged Materials:

• Eurisko products are custom-made to order. If damage occurs during shipping that is deemed to be the fault of Eurisko, Eurisko will make repairs. Eurisko reserves the right to replace damaged products in a time frame that allows for remanufacturing and shipping of products or components. If the customer requests, the value of the replacement components plus any required field labor can be credited to the customer, so that the customer can arrange to have such components replaced by a local vendor. Eurisko will not be responsible for excessive local replacement costs that exceed its costs to remake the product and replace it with its own repair service. Eurisko will not be responsible for paying for any customer-performed repairs that are made without specific authorization in writing by Eurisko.


This is a custom order and no requests for returns or restocking of materials can be accepted.

Finish Clarifications:

Wood and veneer are natural products with variations in grain and color that may be visible even though all products were produced at the same time. Exposure to sunlight may cause color and finish to change over time.


Eurisko warrants to the original customer that all millwork products produced under this agreement will be free of defects for one year from the time of shipment from the factory. Eurisko will at its own option, replace or repair any defective products within the warranty period. This warranty does not include removal and or disposal of any product that has been replaced, nor does it cover the cost to reinstall any replaced products, except for those products that require skilled installation to the customer’s wall or floor. Eurisko are not liable for any claims made by third parties or salons customers with regard to third party equipment. This warranty does not cover wear and tear, abuse, damage, improper installation, lighting, lighting components, improper care and maintenance. It also does not include any materials provided by the customer or any modification made after receipt by the customer.

This Warranty includes repair or replacement of defective work, and Eurisko shall not be liable for damages or injury to persons or property that may result from warranty claims. Any Customer modification of product or customer failure to properly install the product or maintain it will void any warranty for that work.

The warranty described in this agreement is in lieu of all other warranties. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties express or implied are excluded from this agreement. The warranty described in this agreement shall be the sole and exclusive remedy for any and all losses or damages resulting from non-conforming goods or from any other cause. Eurisko disclaims and shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damage of any sort.