“The Times They Are A’ Changin”

“The Times They Are A ‘Changin” The lyrics of the Bob Dylan song in the 60’s offered a positive feeling of change, and was a call to action by a frustrated youth. They feIt like they were in a battle! Today we face a series of different battles. An industry that has less people entering, how […]

How to Stay Positive During the Pandemic

If you told me a year ago, I’d be writing an article entitled “How to Stay Positive During the Pandemic,” I’d probably laugh it off as a hyperbolic framework to talk about positivity. Who knew this is where we’d be? Our lives have been turned upside down by the outbreak. Work is different. Any social […]

Establishing a New World Order

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the basic foundations of the balance of power and the existing world order. To bring that statement more to home, it has impacted the beauty industry to its core and will continue to have an effect as we return to opening salons. The world will be different post Covid-19 and […]

The Future of the Beauty Industry!

The Future of the Beauty Industry! Evolution is arguably the most powerful force in the earth’s history, but paradoxically, it is also irrelevant to daily human life. Although survival of the fittest is still used colloquially, the literal meaning no longer applies. For the beauty industry, the belief that a business is either growing or […]

How to Beat Amazon

How to Beat Amazon To triumph in the battle for the hearts, minds and dollars of salon customers retail purchases, we need to arm ourselves with a deep understanding of our customers digital journeys and the factors that influence their online purchases. We can sometimes feel as though we’re living in an Amazon-centric world. Not […]

Fear, Risk & Originality

  Why do some salon-owners take calculated risks by opening multiple locations and others stay with one? Some take a 6,000 square foot lease and others 1,500? Some hairdressers become platform artists and other content to work behind a chair. There are many reasons to those questions including our mindset, comfort zone, confidence and business […]


We are living at a moment of profound and rapid change, where new technologies are transforming how people live, work and communicate. With all the doom and gloom that is going around our industry, the barriers preventing people from pursuing a big idea or making a new business model has never been lower. We now […]

Burn Your Bridges

Why do thousands of people camp out all night in the cold before the Apple iPhone debuts? Is it driven by a complete understanding of how well the technology will improve one’s workload or personal enjoyment? No! For many the desire to obtain an iPhone stems from an emotional response that is linked to neuronal […]

It’s Time for a New Business Model

It’s Time for a New Business Model Last year, the beauty industry lost over 21,000 salons, almost 9% of the previous years’ total. There are various reasons for this reduction including: salon walkouts, salon suite/loft growth, escalating overheads, standard of work and bored consumers. In other words, the salon didn’t excite the consumer with anything […]