What Consumers Need

As we exit the current recession, a new experience economy will be centered on one of the most fundamental human motivators: our need for self-esteem. The purpose of this article is to stimulate further thinking around the Salon-Consumer relationship. The following thoughts represent the basis of view from a consumers approach. The modern consumer has […]

How Design Influences Behavior – Part 1Blog

The design that surrounds you, influences your thoughts and subsequentlly your behavior. Understanding this relationship between the environment and your mind is important. Your brain is not only hard-wired to interpret certain spatial characteristics in certain ways, but your mind also plays a role in how you make decisions based on those interpretations. All in […]

How Design Influences Behavior – Part 2 Blog

The one major psychological influence that all retailers can and do, is to make use of color. Color can be everything to a successful store, if palettes work well across the whole shop and complement other elements, such as product displays and lighting. The point isn’t about creating the most beautiful shop, but one that […]

Designers’ Challenge – Part 1

Back by popular demand, our industry experts tackles salon today readers biggest design dilemmas.   Lucky is the salon owner who completes a renovation or build-out project without facing a major challenge. When it comes to construction, problems, ranging from small headaches to budget-exhausting, catastrophes, seem to be standard. SALON TODAY recently invited its readers […]