The Total Retail Experience

At Ron King Salon in Austin, Texas, a light box draws the consumer to the brand or domain (shampoo, conditioner or styling products) creating the law of selection!   In the beauty industry we are in a strong position to create opportunities for our consumers to listen, see, touch, smell and take ownership of the […]

Women Shop in Venus, Men Shop at Mars

If your ambition were to open a pet shop, one would hope you would know a little about the animals you are dealing with. As a hairdresser, you spend years studying your craft and ongoing education is fundamental. The same principal should apply to both retailing and service. As salon owners and service providers, we […]

The Consumer of the Future

If your kids ran your salon, what would they do differently? The heart of that question is what is going on with the next generation. Anyone born after 1994 has essentially grown up in a world only knowing the web, so their world is different to you and me. The way they see brands, the […]