A Window into the Consumer Mind

As the nations biggest retailers get into the beauty game, you need to step up your own by learning how your clients shop. The industry’s top expert in consumer behavior Leon Alexander to teach you how to design retail environments that encourage the purchase.

Your’e not Sephora, and you dont want to look as if you are. But you have to admit: Mass retailers know a little something about selling product. Perhaps you could strike a palatable balance if you could retain your emphasis on service while still taking a few cues from the people whose very displays seem able to reach out and flip open consumers wallets.


How Design Influences Behavior – Part 1Blog

The design that surrounds you, influences your thoughts and subsequentlly your behavior. Understanding this relationship between the environment and your mind is important. Your brain is not only hard-wired to interpret certain spatial characteristics in certain ways, but your mind also plays a role in how you make decisions based on those interpretations. All in all, design is a type of a “food for thought” where your deigned surroundings impact not only how you perceive that world, but also how you interact within it.

Design impacts our creativity, focus, health, attention, mood and social ability. Design plays a major role for our brains, not just as we perceive space; but also as we engage in interactions, behaviors and thoughts.


How Design Influences Behavior – Part 2 Blog

The one major psychological influence that all retailers can and do, is to make use of color. Color can be everything to a successful store, if palettes work well across the whole shop and complement other elements, such as product displays and lighting. The point isn’t about creating the most beautiful shop, but one that has coherence.


Eurisko to Design Furniture for Nick Arrojo

Eurisko Design has been commissioned by Nick Arrojo to design a retail furniture collection exclusively for their ARROJO Ambassador Salons. “We’re delighted to announce our new relationship with Nick Arrojo”, states Eurisko President Leon Alexander. PhD. “We feel very comfortable recommending ARROJO products and education to our customers, to complement Eurisko Design’s contemporary quality-designed furniture. […]

The Ultimate Consumer Location

Most owners believe they they own a salon and view their business as service-oriented. When you adopt that mindset, you have a vision and a strategic blueprint that is aimed at only one segment of your business.

If you really want to maximize your business opportunities, then a major paradigm shift in thinking is required. Cease thinking of your self as a salon, and begin to think of yourself as a consumer location.


Designers’ Challenge – Part 1

Back by popular demand, our industry experts tackles salon today readers biggest design dilemmas.


Lucky is the salon owner who completes a renovation or build-out project without facing a major challenge. When it comes to construction, problems, ranging from small headaches to budget-exhausting, catastrophes, seem to be standard. SALON TODAY recently invited its readers to share their most pressing questions and we divvied them up amongst some of the industry top design experts. This year’s Leon Alexander, Ph.D., president of Eurisko;


Salon Design Insights: Trend Watch

Get a jumpstart on your next design project with trend insight from the beauty industry’s top experts. WHEN A SALON EMBARKS on a new buildout or renovation, the owner, designer and architect strive to incorporate the latest and emerging trends into a space that should stand them in good stead for the next several years. […]